Interview Preparation Tips

Do your research (review again before interviews) – Logistics – Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Anonymous Practice Out Loud Don’t be forgotten – practice talking about yourself and your professional experiences and goals Prepare for technical questions – What are you seeking for your internship training experience? What is your greatest fearContinue reading “Interview Preparation Tips”

Essay 4: Research

APPIC Psychology Internship Essay 4 Essay 4: Please describe your research experience and interests. While the majority of internship programs do not focus on research, you do not want to minimize the importance of essay 4. Intern applicants have expressed how surprised they are about how often their internship interviews asked about their research andContinue reading “Essay 4: Research”

Essay 3: Diversity

APPIC Psychology Internship Application Essay 3 (Diversity) Essay 3: Describe how multicultural and diversity variables inform your case conceptualization and clinical practice. Please use de-identified case material to illustrate your approach. In 2022, APPIC finally updated the prompt for essay 3 (hooray!). The sentence “Describe your experience and training in work with diverse populations” wasContinue reading “Essay 3: Diversity”

Essay 2: Theoretical Orientation

APPIC Essay 2 (Psychology Doctoral Internship) Essay 2: Please describe your theoretical orientation and how this influences your approach to case conceptualization and intervention.  You may use de-identified case material to illustrate your points if you choose.  I see Essay 2 as a persuasive essay – you are persuading the reader that you really believe inContinue reading “Essay 2: Theoretical Orientation”

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

What is evidence-based practice in psychology? When searching for a therapist and therapy, you may come across the terms “evidence-based practice” and “evidence-based treatment”. The term “evidence-based” is being used across many disciplines (such as healthcare and education), and understandably so – clients want to know there is research and expertise to back up claimsContinue reading “Evidence-Based Psychotherapy”

Purpose of Psychology Internship Materials

As you get started thinking about your internship application, you may be wondering why it involves so many essays and materials. After all, after internship, most postdoc and job applications will only consist of a CV and cover letter. However, as much I think the internship application process is harder than it should be, theContinue reading “Purpose of Psychology Internship Materials”

Writing the Most Interesting Internship Essays Ever*

*Or at least something you can be proud of. By Grace A. Chen, Ph.D. Summertime is often the beginning of the internship application process for clinical and counseling psychology doctoral students. The internship is the capstone year at the end of many years of doctoral training, so for many students it feels like everything isContinue reading “Writing the Most Interesting Internship Essays Ever*”