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We (Dr. Hilary Anand and Dr. Grace Chen) are licensed psychologists who talk about how to survive and thrive during graduate school in clinical and counseling psychology. Topics include the nuts and bolts of internship applications to existential questions about what drives joy, passion, and one’s definition of success. We will also talk with other folks in the field to share their perspectives.

We welcome your suggestions for episode topics!

Latest episodes are posted below. For the full list of episodes (with downloadable transcripts), click here. Transcript support provided by accessibility assistants and psychology doctoral students Jelly Baker and Allison Drazba.

Ep 16: Mentoring at all Career Stages Get Me Outta Here Please!

In today’s episode, I talk with three outstanding counseling psychologists about mentorship across different stages of life and career – Dr. Bryana H. French, Dr. Jioni Lewis, and Dr. Helen A. Neville. We talked about formal and informal mentorship, creating a village, and continuing to learn from others throughout our careers.
  1. Ep 16: Mentoring at all Career Stages
  2. Ep 15: International work, UK edition
  3. Ep 14: "Planned Happenstance" – Clinical Administration
  4. Ep 13: Policy Work
  5. Ep 12: Pregnancy on Postdoc
  6. Ep 11: Leaving Academia and Defining One's Own Professional Journey

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