Organizing Your Applications

Here’s a google spreadsheet you can use to organize your applications and interviews (use “make a copy” option to customize your own). Be sure to check out all the tabs at the bottom (and scroll right and left). Here’s another google spreadsheet for tracking your APPIC application timeline tasks. Both spreadsheets were created by andContinue reading “Organizing Your Applications”

Interview Preparation Tips

Do your research (review again before interviews) – Logistics – Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Anonymous Practice Out Loud Don’t be forgotten – practice talking about yourself and your professional experiences and goals Prepare for technical questions – What are you seeking for your internship training experience? What is your greatest fearContinue reading “Interview Preparation Tips”

Internship Goals and Site List

Developing an appropriate list of internship programs to apply to is key to a successful application process. Take Inventory of your Training Goals Take a moment to reflect on and list out your training and professional goals. Create your wish list for your internship experience and sort by the following categories – 1) must have,Continue reading “Internship Goals and Site List”