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Our Mission

We support clinical, counseling, and school psychology doctoral students in their professional identity development as psychologists-in-training. We honor and support the whole person in their journey to become a psychologist by providing accessible resources and creating a supportive community.

Our History

Dr. Grace Chen started Grad Corner because she wanted to continue to provide support to psychology doctoral students after she left academia. As an internship advisor for clinical psychology Ph.D. students at Palo Alto University (PAU) for more than 10 years, she provided intensive individual advising to students applying to a variety of internship sites. Dr. Chen realized that the support doctoral students in other graduate programs most often receive focuses on research-related activity (presentations, publications, and dissertation) and that they could use more support around professional development, especially in their clinical work. Therefore, she decided to compile thoughts and resources through Psych Grad Corner to share with clinical, counseling, and school psychology doctoral students across the country.

What we do

We offer free webinars and Q & A sessions for psychology doctoral students regarding professional development. We also provide tips and resources on our website and through our podcast regarding the APPIC internship application process. We offer individual advising for a fee for counseling and clinical psychology students applying to a variety of internship sites (VA, university counseling, integrated health, forensic settings).

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