Essay 2: 2020 Comments

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Essay 2 updated – Telehealth considerations

With the COVD-19 pandemic, many clinicians have had to transition to telehealth, providing therapy via video or phone sessions. If you are one of those clinicians who has either learned or increased their use of telehealth, consider the following as you write about your theoretical orientation for Essay 2:

  • How comfortable were you transitioning to using phone or video technology for your clinical work?
  • How comfortable were your clients in transitioning to using phone or video technology for your clinical work?
  • How did using technology impact the flow of your sessions?
  • How did your conceptualization and therapeutic approach/style stay the same (or similar) to how you are in in-person sessions?
  • What in your therapeutic approach didn’t translate as well in telephone or video sessions compared to in-person sessions?
  • How did you adapt your therapeutic approach to a phone or video session format?

I don’t think you have to focus on telehealth in this essay, but it would probably be helpful to comment on how telehealth has impacted your theoretical orientation and/or therapeutic approach to clinical work. Essay 2 should still primarily focus on how you conceptualize cases and provide interventions based on those conceptualizations (which now includes considering the modality of telehealth).

If you have not engaged in telehealth, you may want to comment on how you want to engage in this (if this is the case) as part of your internship experience. You may also want to comment on how you see telehealth as part of your future as a professional.

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