Consultation for Doctoral Programs

Doctoral programs often rely on dissertation advisors to support their students through the internship application process, but sometimes students need and want more support from people with more familiarity with the APPIC application process. Specific training on internship advising can increase advisors’ self-efficacy in providing students the support they need and deserve as they advance in their clinical training.

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Ready to change “how things have always been done”? With over a decade of experience of focused practicum and internship advising, we provide high-quality consultation for clinical, counseling, and school psychology doctoral program coordinators, directors of clinical training (DCTs), and graduate advisors to address the students’ clinical training needs more effectively.

Leverage the strengths of your faculty, alumni, and supervisors and create an effective and meaningful advising program starting now.

Training and consultation about advising

Provide training and consultation to DCTs, program coordinators, and advisors regarding their advising approach for essays, cover letters, and the AAPI.

Consultation for setting up an advising team

Provide consultation for setting up a team of internship advisors (faculty, alumni, affiliated clinical supervisors) and creating a 1:1 advising system for student applicants.

Let’s build something great together.

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